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Member Spotlight: Eric Eckenroad

An SHN Member for four years, Eric Eckenroad wanted to be a news anchor or talk show host when he was younger because he loved to talk. Hear what else he has to say about his life and the theater, …

Member Spotlight: James Bordoni

Forget about America’s favorite fighting Frenchman—(Lafayette!)—everybody give it up for family man, retired Los Altos resident, and 37-year-long SHN Member James Bordoni! Find out more about James—and check out these fun photos from a recent trip to Iceland he took …

Member Spotlight: Mark Maher

A dentist from Danville, Mark Maher has been a car aficionado since he was 2 or 3 years old and an SHN Member for the past 2 years. Find out more about this family man, below.


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Member Spotlight: Lisa Stambaugh

Not one to cave to social convention, Lisa Stambaugh is a woman who excelled in math and science during a time when she was told it was uncool for girls to do so. Now a resident of Fremont, Lisa is …