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Member Spotlight: Lisa Stambaugh

Not one to cave to social convention, Lisa Stambaugh is a woman who excelled in math and science during a time when she was told it was uncool for girls to do so. Now a resident of Fremont, Lisa is …

Member Spotlight: Alison Levine

A New York Times best-selling author, keynote speaker, mountain climber, explorer, leadership consultant, and an SHN Member for 14 years, Alison Levine is a fascinating person who wears many hats. Find out more about this dog-loving Novato resident, below!


Member Spotlight: Elaine Yee

With the classroom as her stage and a litter of students as her audience, Elaine Yee is a teacher from San Bruno that sees her job as a daily improv show. Find out more about this SHN Member (of three …

Member Spotlight: Larry Florio

As the director of sales organization for a software company, Pleasanton resident Larry Florio says people are typically surprised when they hear that he is a huge fan of the theatre. Find out more about this three-season (and counting) SHN …